About Us

    Epic Pockets Software, LLC, was started in August of 2011 by Brody and Teri Smith. Brody graduated with his B.S. degree in Computer Science in the spring of 2010 from Weber State University. Teri is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a plan to graduate in the fall of 2012, also from Weber State University. In June of 2011 Brody and Teri were married after which they began to move towards forming the company. The company name comes from the screen names that the couple uses when playing video games together.
    One day when they were playing with their chess set, Brody decided to make a fun, user friendly version of chess that could be played on people's phones. He began writing the program and forming the game interface shortly afterwards. Halfway through the formation of the game, the couple enlisted the help of their good friend Joe Heap. Joe is the designer for all of the games pieces, company and game logos, color scheme, etc.